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March 14th(Sat)   10:30~12:00 or 14:00~15:30
March 28th(Sat)   10:30~12:00 or 14:00~15:30

April 11th (Sat) 10:30~12:00 or 14:00~15:30
April 18th (Sat) 10:30~12:00 ot 14:00~15:30

Place: Mega Bluebird Akasaka School

The seats are limited so please make the reservation by email.

Please write the things below in your email

1. Your name
2. telephone number
3.What day and what time you would like to join?
4.Where did you find this course?
 Please choose from the options

 a)From Mega Bluebird Homepage, school ad or staffs 
b) OBP Homepage 
 c)Youhoeiken Homepage 
d) Google Searching  
e) yahoo Searching  f) Friends   g) Others

5. Please feel free to ask your questions by email.
Book and questions  :