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Prep Course
for Non-Japanese Speakers

★ We are still accepting your application.
★For students :(3/18) We have shipped your StudentID, Attendance Card, the first Textbook"保育所保育指針Hoikuzyo Hoiku Sisin" by Mayato mail. Please check your mail box.

The license of Hoikushi is governmental. License is going to be your strength at your job hunting especially during recession.  
If you have the governmental license of Hoikushi,
you can work at many kinds of facilities.
This license will expand your job opportunities. 
The incentives of Hoikushi is improving year by year.  
There is great value in having a Hoikushi license.  Now, Let's join the course. For yourself and your family.

For those interested finding out more about Hoikushi Examination Prep Course for Non-Japanese speakers, there will be Information Days scheduled every month in Akasaka school.  The purpose of the Information Day is to explain about the course and admission procedure of the course. The Information Day will be held both in Japanese and English. Anyone is welcome for those interested in preparing for Hoikushi Examination ! Seats are limited, please contact us and make the reservation.