About the Course 

★ Schedule of 2020 April Starting Course 
Please send your application form first. 
(We can wait for the school decoments, please let us know)
It will take about a week for checking your eligibility. 
We will send the result by email.
Please make the payment.
After we confirm your payment , we send you student ID, attendance card and textbooks. 
*We will accept your application anytime.
You can start at anytime.However, we cannot give you discount or additional classes. 

Schooling: Once a week ( Your home study is always MUST)
Friday: 18:00~20:30 * High Level Japanese Course
Saturday: 10:00~16:00 (40mins lunch break)
Saturday online: 17:00~21:00 

1st semester 1.Japanese Grammar and Kanji /2. Guidelines for Daycare Facilities/ 3. Principles of Childcare /4. Principles of Education /5.Welfare for Children and Family /6. Social Welfare /7.Childcare Psychology

2nd semester 8. Japanese Grammar and Kanji /9. Guidelines for Daycare Facilities /10.Social Care /11.Children's Health Care /12. Food and Nutrition for Children / 13.Practical Childcare Training Theory

 ★Place: Mega Bluebird Akasaka School 
 In other main city is getting ready.
(Mega Bluebird Yokohama Lalaport school,
Mega Bluebird Sogo Kawaguchi school and other)

★ Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee:
 =200,000yen +tax (Textbooks, equipment, and other for one year)

Fee of Subject Retake: 
 =40,000yen +tax (per subject)
 *after the course finish, if you want to re-take your lost subject at exam

Fee of Home Study Follow Up:
 =30,000yen +tax (per subject)
 *This plan is for a person who bought textbook set. For who is feeling
  difficult to study by yourself 

★Payment Method
 Cash/ Credit Card / PayPal / Bank Transfer 
We accept one time or two times payment only.
(One time upfront or Two times upfront of each semester.)
Educational Loan (We will introduce reasonable educational bank loan)  

★Term of the Course:
The First Semester
Third week in March 2020 ~Second week in October 2020
Learn 5 subjects.
We are sorry but considering about the coronavirus, we decided to start the course from the first week of April. 

The Second Semester
Third week in November 2020~ Second week in April 2021
Learn the other 5 subjects.

★Study Method
 Most of the foreigners find it difficult studying only in Japanese. So in this course we use English as a bypass language. You will learn the contents in English first for understanding the meaning. Then step by step we replace it into Japanese. Repeating is very important in this study method.

"Learn with Us"