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Please watch the video if you miss the class. 
When you study
1. Read the textbook repeatedly
2.Set your timer for 6 minutes.
3.Answer the questions same as at school
4. Watch the video to check the important points
5.Highlight key words with color pen
Please watch from here vimeo
To watch the previous class, please search the channel of MBB Hoikushi
To watch video of June5,6 class, please enter vimeo first and search the channel of   MBB Hoikushi
If you could not watch from here, please let us know. We will send the link.

To whom thinking to join the course
We still have seats for zoom class, and Saturday live class in Akasaka. 
Live Class Friday High Level 18:00~20:30 Available 
Live Class Saturday Regular (Akasaka) 10:00~16:00 Available
Zoom Class Saturday Regular (Online) 17:00~21:00 Available
To all students:
If you have social worker, care worker, mental health worker license, you don't need to take Subject3, 4, 5. You have already passed those subject.Please prepare the certificate. 
12/19 Saturday
This week's session is Subject 8 食と栄養
 12/19 Saturday Zoom 17:00-21:00
Please let us know which class you would like to attend
How to do the self-study
Please read the textbook repeatedly. 
Remember the meaning in English.
Then care the shapes of   Kanji. 
 To Attend  zoom Class
Please watch the online manual before attending the zoom class.
Online test sheet guide
*You need a computer with mic and camera. Please turn on the camera so the teacher can recognize you. 
*We use zoom and our school browser on the screen at a time so we don't recomment you to use tablet computers, smart phones.
*Please enter  the zoom with your Student ID number and first name instead of your nickname. 
*Please prepare a black pencil, an eraser, a high light pen, and a red pen just like at school. 
*We will send you zoom URL before the online class to your email address. So please check your email. 
*If you don't have computer email address, (you only have mobile mail address), please make an email address.icloud, gmail, yahoo mail is acceptable. 

"Learn with Us"