Let’s work together to create generations of the people who bridge Nationalities and living in harmony.   
In 2019 Japanese people took the first step to live with foreign people.  Many foreign children emigrated to Japan, or were born in Japan.  How can these children the learn Japanese culture, respect and live with Japanese children and live a good life in Japanese society?  What can we do for them?
Our answer is that to create the Hoikushi Examination Preparation Course for Non-Japanese Speakers. You may be concerned about your Japanese language level to pass the examination. To solve the problem we created the special method. This course uses English as a bypass language. You learn in English first, the replace the same thing into Japanese step by step. We wish many talented foreign people to pass the examination and provide advanced Japanese education. 
The license of Hoikushi is governmental. The incentives of Hoikushi is improving year by year. If you compare it with other occupations where women are dominant in numbers, treatment of Hoikushi is very good. There is great value in having a Hoikushi license. 
We wish you to join the course to get the license, and be active as a Hoikushi in the future.  

                                           Mega Bluebird Hoikushi Examination Prep Course





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